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Turn your horticulture business data into actionable insights

It’s hard to juggle forecasting, space planning, replenishment, filling orders, and your business data. That’s why we created a suite of programs, mobile apps, and IoT devices that let you get back to what you do best: running your greenhouse.

The Graph is our foundation.
It connects your data and our software seamlessly.
Here’s how.

Work Suite’s collection of software tools helps growers make the most of their business data.
It plugs into your existing ecosystems so integration takes days (not months).

  • Data-driven forecasting

    FORECAST is the key to planning and preparing a successful season. Incorporate demand, daily slope, turn rate, and other critical metrics to do your foundational forecasting.

  • Flexible production planning

    PRODUCE lets you make changes to procurement, plan your space, and make dynamic substitutions. From years of experience in our own production barn, we know that needs are always changing.

  • Maximize sales and reduce shrink

    RESTOCKlets you replenish & tweak orders with incredible ease. We tapped into years of account management & replenishment experience to build this industry-leading tool.

  • Order visibility and easy control

    FULFILL helps you adjust, tag, and view orders in a user-friendly interface that’s easy to use and navigate. You'll see how your orders look from creation to completion.

  • Know your business and stay on track

    REPORTconnects to any data source & easily produces internal business documents. Generate reports, invoices, BOLs, labels, UPCs, & more.

  • Discover, decide, and monetize

    ANALYZE helps you understand your data so you can negotiate better. It painlessly unpacks your sales figures so they’re always ready. You can also visualize & compare forecasts, production, shipping, & sales data.

Frequently asked questions about the work suite

Can I purchase your products individually?

Yes, our products are available for individual purchase.

Will your products talk to my existing systems?

Yes, our products can read and write to your systems as long your existing systems allow for it.

Do you offer customization on your products?

Yes, all of our products are customizable. We work hard to provide an out-of-the-box solution that works for everyone, but our primary goal is to ensure you have a system that works for you.

IoT Devices

IoT devices combine hardware and software, so you can control greenhouse equipment from your web browser or mobile device—anywhere, anytime.

BOOMcComing soon

Login with your smartphone or computer to control, schedule, & track your booms in action. Anywhere, anytime.

COUNTcComing soon

Count your production trays as they come off your lines, carts as they come into your shipping barn...whatever you need, it’ll count it.

Frequently asked questions about the IoT devices

Does Silver Fern help with installation?

Yes, we can help with the installation! We’ve made the setup as simple as possible, so many of our customers complete installation on their own.

Will your IoT Devices talk to my existing systems?

Yes, our IoT Devices are built to talk to your existing systems so you can make the most of the data you collect.

Will I have access to the data the IoT Devices collect?

Yes, all data collected on any IoT Devices you purchase are readily available to you.

Inventory Control

You can use any or all of the following programs.


Improve purchasing decisions and mitigate shrink.


Count your trays on the lines and carts coming into the barn.


Improve replenishment decisions and save time.


Improve visibility and increase sales.

Field Service Management

Engage™Coming soon

All of your data compiled to reveal trends and insights.

Frequently asked questions about the mobile apps

Do your apps work on Android and iOS?

Yes, we build our apps as either progressive web apps or near native apps so they’re operating system agnostic.

Can your apps work offline?

We build our apps to work offline whenever possible. We use your device’s local storage and queue data posting until you’re back on a network to save any data you’ve captured.

What can we do for you today?

We have experience in all parts of the business—from the greenhouse to the spreadsheet. Here’s how you can leverage our experience to your advantage.

  • Information Technology

    We believe that technology can help growers. That means we’re here to support you with custom software, solve any hardware challenges you may have, and even manage, design and build your IT infrastructure.

  • Finance & Analysis

    We use FAST (flexible, appropriate, structured, transparent) modeling to help with cash flow forecasting, M&A models, and operating models. We approach investment analysis with a decision tree and net present value approach.

  • Sales & Marketing

    We are connectors. Part of the VanWingerden growing tradition is a legacy of bringing people together. Our experience in account management and big-box retail means we have a network you can leverage.

The Tech Company for Growers

From spacing flats to filling orders, we know the pain and joy of growing for a living.

Photo of Adam VanWingerden


Adam VanWingerden

Sharing the vision drives Adam as an entrepreneur. He not only loves getting the right people on the bus but finding them the best seat also. As a Director of Sales and Marketing, he managed accounts with major retailers of over $75MM in sales and carries this momentum and experience to Silver Fern. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his wife and kids, all things kombucha, and nitro cold brew.

Photo of Stephen VanWingerden


Stephen VanWingerden

Stephen brings computer science and operations skills to solving problems. As a Director of Technology, he built RFID solutions for asset tracking and real-time replenishment software for over $125MM in annual sales of perishable goods with major retailers. When he’s not solving systems problems, he’s studying the climatology and topography of places he’s planning to visit.

Photo of Kevin Short


Kevin Short

Kevin lives and breathes all things finance. He loves to learn and can be found in a coffee shop with his wife most nights reading a book. Kevin has a broad range of experience from business architecture to SQL programming and financial modeling. Outside of work, Kevin likes to work. He’s just one of those guys. The partners are actively trying to help him find a work-life balance.

Photo of Scott Slattery

Senior Developer

Scott Slattery

What doesn’t Scott do? After a career in Silicon Valley, he ventured to the rolling hills of Kentucky where he and his wife run a small family farm. When not tinkering with brain puzzles or learning a programming language, he can be found in his garage staring at the Tesla he purchased with earnings from Tesla stock while reading Elon Musk’s twitter feed.

Photo of Caelan Daniel

Client Partner

Caelan Daniel

Caelan spends most of his free time in the sand trap on 18 or taking a drop from the dog-leg Par 5 he thought he could reach in two; fortunately, his work is better than his golf game. Obsessive about customer satisfaction, Caelan fearlessly takes on new tasks outside of his comfort zone. We remain confident he’ll eventually get that handicap into the low 30s.

Photo of Brad Slattery

Platform Administrator

Brad Slattery

Brad has been working in technology within the Horticulture Industry for 15+ years and IT at large for nearly double that. A sysadmin since before the Internet era, Brad brings a wealth of real-world experience. From large systems architecture in the Marine Corps, to scaling out data warehouses, he attacks IT infrastructure and DevOps with methodical excellence.

Photo of Kennedy Kirk

Software Technician

Kennedy Kirk

Prior to going through a coding bootcamp, Kennedy worked in the finance industry, but wanted a more dynamic and challenging job. Now she enjoys wearing many hats at Silver Fern as a software technician. When she’s not solving the world’s problems with her code, she’s probably adventuring with her husband, or sipping on a cold brew (with lots of cream).

Photo of Cody Weber

Senior Developer

Cody Weber

Cody Weber is a coder who codes on the web. (He gets that a lot.) As a self-taught developer, he is an avid learner who enjoys problem solving and building custom tech solutions. Aside from coding, Cody can be found reading classic literature, hammocking wherever he can find two trees, or trying to surf if he finds himself anywhere near a beach.

Photo of Timothy Martens

Senior Developer

Timothy Martens

Timothy's penchant for research and knack for problem solving makes him a natural fit for software engineering — where he’s diligently honed his skills for the last 16+ years. Curious by nature, Timothy’s main hobby is starting new hobbies. When he's not programming, he can be found tending to his small flock of sheep, chickens, and beef cows with his wife and their four children.

Photo of Noah Walker

Director of Operations

Noah Walker

Noah is an investigator by nature who loves to create value. Whether it’s with people, information, or systems – he loves making new connections that result in a win. His prior experiences include acting as the Director of Operations for an int’l education company sending thousands of students to 15+ countries. Outside of work, Noah’s curious mind races to forestry, economics, crypto, and his faith in Christ. His lovely wife and adorable daughter are among his highest treasures.

Photo of Nathan VanWingerden

Junior Client Partner

Nathan VanWingerden

Born into a rich horticultural legacy, Nathan was potting pansies and pinching poinsettias before he could walk. With a curiosity and aptitude for supply chain management, Nathan is eager to leverage what he knows to help Silver Fern clients succeed. And, learn more about their business in the process. Outside of work, Nathan enjoys spontaneous day trips to Florida - when the swell is good - and relaxing at home with friends and family.

Photo of Chris Allen

Software Developer

Chris Allen

When it comes to professions, Chris has been around the block. He’s done everything from teaching math to framing artwork. It wasn’t until a friend introduced him to coding that he really felt at home. After landing his first developer job a few years ago, he hasn’t looked back. In Chris’ free time he’ll most likely be hanging out with his wife and two daughters, playing sports, or if things are really calm, reading a theology book with a fresh cup of coffee.

Our Mission

We leverage technology to redeem horticulture professionals' time.

Values as verbs


Listen, empathize, engage - people come first.


Look at the problem from a different angle.


Defer praise and build up your team.

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