Modular ERP Software for Growers

We can't make the business of growing less complex, but we can simplify the work you do every day

Silver Fern helps your business make key changes for growth,
without the typical growing pains.

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Growing businesses use Silver Fern to simplify their work and increase efficiency
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Here's some of
what we offer

(and what our competitors don't)
Unlimited customer
support - no extra billing
onboarding support
user licenses
product updates
product offering
Integrates with
any ERP
Are you spending hours, days, or weeks retrieving, adjusting, and reviewing data that may or may not be accurate?

Silver Fern gives you complete visibility
into your entire business
in just a few clicks

Growers who use Silver Fern get insight into the parts of their business that used to be muddy and difficult to unearth.
The easy-to-integrate Work Suite of products tells you what you need to know, when you want to know it.

Silver Fern is perfect for:


Growers who make the switch to Silver Fern find simplicity, certainty, and efficiency

We were looking for production software that was practical, user friendly, and offered unmatched customer support. Silver Fern more than delivered! Now we can effectively plan and manage production through spring using true analytics and data.

Owner, Green Legacy

What is the modular approach,
and why is it
better for your
growing business?

The Silver Fern team has lived and breathed the slow, piecemeal way of building a business. It can be frustrating, and fraught with obstacles. But it doesn't mean you need to jump straight into a complicated ERP system - that can slow you down even more.

That's why our modular approach is a win-win. It lets you seamlessly integrate the pieces you need now, and add more as you grow.

The typical
software approach
The Silver Fern
modular approach

Here's how
we save you time, money,
and stress

Our products solve for nuances that are often missed such as maximizing the ROI of your growing space.

No matter what operating system or ERP system you use, Silver Fern can work with it, seamlessly.

You get easy installation, in days, not months - and integration without the worry of pricey switching costs.

Increase the value of your greenhouse business with products that mine, manage, and monetize your data.

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White-glove service that makes switching a snap

“I've worked with a lot of software vendors in our industry over the years. Silver Fern was the first to exceed my expectations. Their onboarding was fast and customer service excellent. Rather than just delivering the program(s) and letting us figure it out, they assisted in migrating and cleaning our entire database in the process.
I'd be happy to recommend them to anyone looking at bringing on an ERP System or switching from an old one.

CEO, American Color Inc.
Cloud-based software that
grows with you

Simplify all the parts
of your business

Never get caught off guard
  • Enter each season with confidence
  • Easily create your ready schedule
  • Quickly adjust critical metrics to see the business impact
and more
Changes won`t slow you down
  • Full production management
  • Integrated space planning
  • Dynamic substitutions
and more
Simplify your inventory allocation and increase sell-through
  • Aggregate all variables such as weather, sales, logistics, and inventory
  • Give analysts the information they need to properly create kits and allocate inventory
  • Provide flexibility for operational nuances from customer to customer
and more
Never miss a detail on any order
  • Total order fulfillment in one spot
  • Automated EDI management
  • View, manage, and edit orders
and more
Say goodbye to siloed data
  • Helps you have specific and informed conversations about your numbers
  • Communicate the needs of your business
  • Express your business value
and more

It’s technology that makes your life easier, not more complicated

Whether you have everything in a spreadsheet, or you have clunky, legacy software, Silver Fern simplifies all the things growers need to do. No more wasting days or weeks of your time with manual data entry and tracking. No more cobbling data and reports together from systems that don’t talk to each other...

And no more losing revenue due to inefficiencies.

Imagine what your life would look like with hours and hours of your time back

You and everyone on your team can free up time to work on the parts of your business that matter. Whether it’s procurement issues, cleaning up your BOMs, making sure your tags and pots are in order, or anything else you feel frustrated and time-strapped about now.

Without visibility into all the parts of your business, unexpected changes or surprise requests can be distracting and time consuming. Silver Fern makes it easy to handle whatever comes your way... and leaves you and your team to focus on what really matters.

Remove the risks that are weighing you and your business down

If you or a key person on your team is unable to do their job, can your business keep running? Silver Fern helps you move forward with improved data integrity, and flexible, efficient systems - instead of you depending on one person to keep everything together.

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Once you request your demo,
you'll receive an email to schedule a time.

Look how Silver Fern’s RESTOCK™ helped this grower finish work every day by
5 pm during peak season

"RESTOCK™ has been a big time saver. Normally, during peak season, our team spent many late nights and weekends replenishing over 450 big box stores 2 to 3 times weekly. This year, our replenishment work was completed before 5pm each night with little to no additional overtime needed to get the job done.The RESTOCK™ logic and metrics allowed us to maintain an optimal targeted on hand inventory at the stores with a full complement of inventory, for both high volume and low volume stores. Bringing RESTOCK™ to our organization got all our customers on the same replenishment platform and methodology which allows for ease of cross training between national accounts."

Vice President, Young's Plant Farm

Want to know how Silver Fern could work for your business?

Silver Fern is used by small growers and big, for retail and for wholesale. Get in touch to schedule a demo.
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Once you request your demo,
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