Always know what you
have and where it is

Our mobile apps help you track your inventory
from seed to shelf

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More insights and improved
efficiencies at your fingertips

“Silver Fern’s suite of applications has improved efficiencies throughout our operations as well as provided data insights we have never had before. The team is knowledgeable,
professional, and quick to address any issues or concerns that we have.”


Keep on top of inventory

Our collection of apps helps you stay one step ahead.
You'll have complete visibility into what's currently growing in the greenhouse, what's being produced, what's available to ship, and what's in stores.


Use this app to:
  • Improve your purchasing decisions
  • Mitigate shrink


Use this app to:
  • Query your work orders
  • Count trays on the lines and carts


Use this app to:
  • Improve your replenishment decisions
  • Save your time


Use this app to:
  • Improve visibility
  • Increase sales


Use this app to:
  • Build & confirm orders before EDI
  • Verify what's on order is what you picked


Use this app to:
  • Track labor events in the greenhouse
  • Collect data for cost accounting


Use this app to:
  • Manage your field team
  • Track store level inventory

IoT Devices

IoT devices combine hardware and software, so you can control greenhouse equipment from your web browser or mobile device—anywhere, anytime.

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Just log in with your mobile device or browser and control, schedule, and track your booms in action—from anywhere.


Count production trays as they come off your lines, carts as they come into your shipping barn—anything you need counted.

Integrates easily with your current systems

Use one app or many

Every app and product in the Work Suite is system agnostic, works together seamlessly, and can be customized for your

Our products are modular, meaning you can start with one and add on as needed - or you can get them all together.

Whatever you choose, you won't find anything that's easier to use or set up. In fact, we'll set it up for you so you never miss a

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