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Sharing the vision drives Adam as an entrepreneur. He not only loves getting the right people on the bus but finding them the best seat also. As a Director of Sales and Marketing, he managed accounts with major retailers of over $75MM in sales and carries this momentum and experience to Silver Fern. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his wife and kid(s), all things kombucha, and nitro cold brew.



Stephen brings computer science and operations skills to solving problems. As a Director of Technology he built RFID solutions for asset tracking and real-time replenishment software for over $125MM in annual sales of perishable goods with major retailers. When he's not solving systems problems, he's studying the climatology and topography of places he's planning to visit.



Kevin lives and breathes all things finance. He loves to learn and can be found in a coffee shop with his wife most nights reading a book. Kevin has a broad range of experience from business architecture to SQL programming and financial modelling. Outside of work, Kevin likes to work. He's just one of those guys. The partners are actively trying to help him find a work-life balance.

Senior Developer


What doesn't Scott do? After a career in Silicon Valley, he ventured to the rolling hills of Kentucky where he and his wife run a small family farm. When not tinkering with brain puzzles or learning a programming language, he can be found in his garage staring at the Tesla he purchased with earnings from Tesla stock while reading Elon Musk's twitter feed.

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Platform Administrator


Brad has been working in technology within the Horticulture Industry for 15+ years and IT at large for nearly double that. A sysadmin since before the Internet era, Brad brings a wealth of real-world experience. From large systems architecture in the Marine Corps, to scaling out data warehouses, he attacks IT infrastructure and DevOps with methodical excellence.

Software Technician


Prior to going through a coding bootcamp, Kennedy worked in the finance industry, but wanted a more dynamic and challenging job. Now she enjoys wearing many hats at Silver Fern as a software technician. When she's not solving the world's problems with her code, she's probably adventuring with her husband, or sipping on a cold brew (with lots of cream).

Senior Developer


Timothy's penchant for research and knack for problem solving makes him a natural fit for software engineering — where he's diligently honed his skills for the last 16+ years. Curious by nature, Timothy's main hobby is starting new hobbies. When he's not programming, he can be found tending to his small flock of sheep, chickens, and beef cows with his wife and their five children.

Client Partner


Born into a rich horticultural legacy, Nathan was potting pansies and pinching poinsettias before he could walk. With a curiosity and aptitude for supply chain management, Nathan is eager to leverage what he knows to help Silver Fern clients succeed. And, learn more about their business in the process. Outside of work, Nathan enjoys spontaneous day trips to Florida - when the swell is good - and relaxing at home with friends and family.

Client Partner


Katlyn comes to Silver Fern with a breadth of pertinent, professional experience. At her previous role with Valvoline, she worked in various capacities including; project management, company-wide ERP integrations, and short and long term demand planning with some of Valvoline's largest accounts. Outside of work Katlyn enjoys travel, music festivals, her dog, and reading (C.S Lewis, specifically). She is even an author herself!

Senior Developer


Eric brings over 20 years of development experience from a wide array of industries to his work. He loves to travel and is fluent in many languages. He still has trouble getting by abroad though, because all but one are programming languages. He can often be found playing with his kids and dog at nearby parks, diving into sand after a volleyball in a local league, or making far too much noise trying to learn the drums.

Director of Technology


Chris has been building solutions for teams and businesses for the past 25 years. Primarily focused on eCommerce and business-to-business solutions, Chris strives to leverage the latest technology to simplify the supply-chain. When Chris is not working, he loves to spend time with his wife, kids and being involved in his church.

Support Specialist


A magician who has now conjured his magic into a self-taught software career. Isaac was homeschooled and hungry for knowledge, he's translating fascination into expertise. Just as illusions demand flawless dedication, Isaac's journey echoes unwavering commitment. He is a lifelong seeker of knowledge, a fitness enthusiast, and a basketball lover.

Eric Morlock
Senior Account Executive


With extensive experience in analytics, demand planning, and supply chain management, Eric serves as both a Client Partner and consultant. With over a decade of experience in the horticulture industry, he assists partners modernize their demand planning and inventory allocation efforts. Outside work, he enjoys family time, sharing Dad jokes with his kids, and playing golf.

Carter Anderson
Support Specialist


Born into a family of entrepreneurs, Carter launched his first venture, a landscaping company, at the age of 16. He takes pleasure in solving intricate problems with straightforward solutions. When not refining systems, Carter enjoys shooting hoops, spending quality time with his wife and friends, or delving into his newfound passions for weightlifting and hot-cold therapy.

Timothy Short
Software Developer


Timmy is no one-hit wonder. With a total of three hits in back-to-back High School Baseball State Championship games, he now steps to the plate with his programming skills. Always cool, calm, and collected, he adds just the right mix of stability to our high-octane environment. Tim is a math wizard who enjoys calculating the perfect trajectory for his next golf swing.

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